Webcam backdrop

If you use webcams frequently, do you use any special backdrops, signage, logos, etc.? Or just have whatever the presenter’s background is?

This is also a question that I am looking for an answer to, but I believe we will start with an unbranded background to help people feel more relaxed.

I think for webinars you don’t want the whole background to feel like it’s fully staged and set up. If you have a background where it’s either a backdrop or it’s got your logo framed in the shot perfectly and some signage specific to the event, it can look too promotional at times.

I’ve seen the best backgrounds be either just using a wall in the office that has some white boards with some writing on them or maybe a portion of the company logo and a few random office-related things on the wall. That way it just looks like you’re presenting from a similar place that they are watching from and they become more comfortable watching since you are in similar situations or places.

Having the camera 6-10 feet out from you and then having a far away background can be nice as well. Depending on the camera you get the blurry bokeh that you see in professional videos and shots, so it has a similar feel to the above, but it’s more blurred out and generic as well.

Normally I do videos with a generic wall background, maybe a plant on the side if we have something, and a few things on the wall. Ideally, I don’t want anything distracting from the message and the speaker.

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Yes you are right great brake down…

We don’t use any special backdrops. Usually the presenters are in a conference room or an office so it’s never a topic of discussion.

I used to allow presenters to use whatever their background is if they were going to use webcam.
After attending Webinar World where it was emphasized to use a special backdrop if you can, i suggested it to one of our customers who was actually coming into our office, so it worked it great. Using the backdrop with our logo on it was a hit and we decided that we’re going to that from now on.

Not using right now, we run webinars only with one window showing only video and the video is already edited with backdrop, charts , etc…

We don’t use any special backgrounds, just a simple light colored wall or a cityscape or an image of scenery without too much going on it to make it distracting. If we do a simu-live, we use a stage format.

Since our presenters are almost always in their home office, we use stand-alone screen backdrops. The presenters never have to worry about what is behind the screen. I’ve seen webcasts where the mess and personal items in the background are so distracting, the message was completely missed. We started off with the pop-up ones that attach to the chair back and found them too restrictive. Also they would shake if the presenter moved, and showed wrinkles. The stand-alone ones are much more professional an d the presenters love them. I’ve attached an image in case it helps.


I always tell people to at least have something related to the company in the background. For Hootsuite, we have really cool offices with murals so sometimes people will sit in front of those and we ALWAYS have our mascot Owly sitting somewhere for all to see.

I leave the backdrop for guest speakers up to them as every company has different requirements. Some speakers are pretty lax but others will have a full backdrop. Just depends on the company.

I work from home, so it never occurred to me to have something related to the company behind me. The slides and the interface have our logo featured prominently.

I’ve found that white or solid-color walls (our office has brightly colored walls) work best! Offices or home offices are often distracting, and take the focus off the presenter.

We currently don’t use any backdrops as cameras are typically turned on only in conference rooms

We only use a backdrop during our symposiums which we offer 2 times a year. It’s typically just a living room type backdrop with a plant and a few chairs.

Hi Laura,
Would you be able to share where you’ve picked up these standalone backdrops? Thanks!

We have 2 different backgrounds. One for our coffee chats which is a panel style involving nice arm chairs, plants, etc. and another one for our single host webinars which is a much smaller and zoomed in format. Both feature our logo, but the zoomed in is a step-repeat, and the coffee chat is our brand photo and one large logo centered. The goal is to look professional but not overwhelming. To do this, we’ve purchased two accordion-style ready pop fabric displays like you’d use for a tradeshow.

Lots of great info here! We’re starting to play around with the idea of backdrops as we push presenters to get more comfortable with being in front of a camera and look for ways to make things a little more interesting.

We ordered a custom background for each of our segments. For this one we printed the logos of our different portals and we have our speakers wear something darker so that they stand out on the screen.

Hi, Claudia. I am so sorry to take so long to reply. We had our background screens printed by Consolidated Solutions in Cleveland OH. I hope that helps you.

I like to leave the backdrop subtle, or natural - our console is branded already so no need to add more branding on the webs I’m doing. We are also trying to create more of a human connection so too much branding can kill that vibe.